Open Data Policy

In line with the concepts of open government and the era of digital data, the Transport Authority - Ajman government is keen to provide data that can be used and benefited from by developers, researchers, media professionals and the public. In terms of definition, open data is referred to as that data that any individual can use freely and without technical, financial or legal restrictions, as well as reuse and disseminate it. In most cases, only two conditions are satisfied :

  • Proportions of rights to their owners
  • Make data available for sharing

The word “open” indicates that everyone can freely access, use, modify and share the data for any purpose (provided that the source is cited and that it is re-submitted to the principle of open availability). The authority puts the data in its digital portal, and at the same time, the authority does not undertake that there are no notes on it, as this data is according to what resulted from the provision of its services. Also, the authority does not guarantee the continuity of providing this data or part of it

The following are some points related to the obligations of the authority and website’s visitors with respect to data :

First: The authority's obligations towards the public:

  • Providing open data about the authority's services and activities or information of public interest and that would be of value to our website’s visitors.
  • Provide data over several years.
  • Publish the data in raw form as much as possible.
  • Provide access to the data without any obstacles or requests for registration.
  • Providing open data in real time as much as possible and making it available in a manner suitable for technical use.
  • Publish data in editable and truncated cut-and-paste file formats as well as downloadable.
  • Establishing an accurate description of the size and formats of the available files and providing the date of their publication.

Second: What we want from you when reusing the open data from the authority’s website

  • Indicate that the Transport Authority - Government of Ajman is the source of this data, with the name of the file and the date of its publication.
  • Not to use this data for political purposes, or to support illegal or criminal activity, or to negatively affect the name and position of the emirate, or any activity that is illegal or contrary to the values of the UAE society.
  • Make the data available again to the public and share it.
  • The responsibility for reusing the data in the authority’s digital portal rests with the data user, and the reuse of this data should not result in any errors related to the content, source and date of the data.

The authority would like to emphasize that it does not bear any direct or indirect consequences or damages, which may arise from the use of theavailable data on its website, and that the responsibility rests with the user.

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