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Management of Franchise and Transport Permits


This service is provided to schools to procure a permit for buses to engage in school transport activity with the aim of transporting students to and from schools safely and securely. The approval is issued in accordance with the technical requirements determined by the Authority

Service Procedures

  • Step 1 Login via Digital Services Portal
  • Step 2 Fill out the Service Application Form, Attach Documents then Submit It
  • Step 3 Procure the Approval
  • Step 4 Payment of Fees through the Digital Services, Successfully Passing the Bus Inspection
  • Step 5 Digital Permit to be issued to the Customer's Account

Terms and Conditions

  • Submit all required documents and they must be valid
  • Pay the service fee.
  • Pass the technical examination of the school bus

Required Documents

    Business Services
  • A copy of the commercial license of the renting company

Service Delivery Time (Opening Hours)

Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the Digital Services Portal.
Applications will be approved during official working hours (from 07:00 AM to 03:00 PM) throughout the week, except on Fridays (from 7:00 AM to 11:30 PM)

Service Fees

 Fees for Buses Owned by Renting Companies:
Number of Passengers from 09 to 27 Passengers:  AED 225 for a month / AED 450 for 06 months / AED 900 for a year
Number of Passengers from 28 to 50 Passengers: AED 375 for a month / AED 750 for 06 months / AED 1,500 for a year
Number of Passengers more than 50 Passengers: AED 550 for a month / AED 1,100 for 06 months / AED 2,200 for a year
Fees for Buses Owned by the School 
AED 350 / for 06 months
AED 500 / for a year

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Within 03 working hours

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  • Toll Free: 600599997

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