Together We Achieve Excellence

To continue the initiative of (Together We Achieve Excellence) launched by the Department of Excellence and Transport Permits at Ajman Public Transport Corporation ( APTC) at the end of 2018, which was mainly meant to modify the behavior of non-compliant drivers and encourage them to abide by rules and regulations, according to comments and complaints received in 2018, in order to improve the quality of service provided to the public and maintain the safety and security of passengers;
Mr. Omar Mohamed Lootah, CEO of Operations of Public Transport Corporation stressed that the initiative has achieved the desired goal within a short period, pointing out the improvement of behavior of several drivers included in this initiative.
The number of comments and complaints against drivers is decreasing thanks to efforts exerted by the Department of Excellence and Transport Permits, which conduct an overall study for the drivers to get acquainted with their problems and reasons behind their behaviors. he said, noting that the continuous awareness program ran for three months.
The results achieved by this initiative is compatible with APTC's vision and its strategic plan in line with Ajman 2021 Vision.
During a workshop organized by the Department of Excellence and Transport Permits at Qasr Al Garf Restaurant, several drivers, whose behavior has been improved, were honored.
Lootah added that the initiative has created a kind of self-censorship and encourage a spirit of competition among drivers for achieving excellence, and this is clearly seen, while listening to the drivers' proposals and problems with a view to study them and provide a suitable working environment that will serve the interest of passengers by improving the quality of service provided, and thereby improving the mental image of the APTC in the mind of the public.
The drivers expressed their gratitude for APTC and its ongoing efforts to modify their behaviors, promising to improve their performance and behavior to achieve excellence.
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